SAIT Edition of The Amazing Race: A Thrilling Journey of Innovation and Exploration

Sait’s Spectacular Amazing Race Takes Participants on an Unforgettable Journey of Adventure and Discovery

In The Amazing Race teams of two people compete in a worldwide adventure and travel challenge on the reality TV program.

As they visit various nations and places throughout the world, the teams compete with one another to complete a number of activities and challenges.

The tasks put their physical stamina, mental fortitude, sense of cooperation, and problem-solving talents to the test.

The winning team is the first to do all of the tasks and arrive at the destination.

Sait students came out with a marvellous idea of doing The Amazing Race SAIT EDITION” inspired by the concept of a TV show called The Amazing Race with the goal of helping student participants in getting to know their college a little better.

Victoria’s Candid picture at The Amazing Race stall at Heritage Hall building in SAIT on 24th July 2023

Victoria and her friends who are a part of SAIT GEO decided to roll with this idea because of their personal experience and with the experience of other students. As most of the students they met were unaware of where many of the offices and classes were located.

I visited the SAIT office for the first time while setting up the race and I was embarrassed, said Victoria.

SAIT GEO believes that this is a very exciting event and will help the students learn a lot about their college.

Luckily, the winner of the race Seam Mukungurutse and his team had some nice things to say about this unique race hosted by SAIT GEO.

Sean Mukungurutse posing for a photo at Heritage Hall building in SAIT on 31st July 2023

Race was great, said Mukungurutse. My communication skills and teamwork improved a lot.

The race was so brilliantly designed by the organizers that many participants felt easy for the first few days, but it became difficult in the last days of the race. It is safe to say that this race served its purpose as Mukungurutse and his team as well as the other teams of the race gained some or the other thing. Some improved their communication skills and teamwork while some were improving their problem-solving skill.