Momo Magic: A Look into Calgary’s Momo House’s Gastronomic Allure

Embark on a beautiful culinary journey from the streets of Nepal to the beautiful mountains of Calgary.

Pooja Ale Magar(left) and Prakash Magar the owner of Calgary Momo House. (Photo by Paritosh Hirulkar/The Press)

As soon as you walk inside a restaurant, the aroma and atmosphere have the capacity to instantaneously create a good mood and stimulate your appetite. Calgary Momo House is a complete package of these things.

This place is an authentic Nepali restaurant, and the place’s ambience is true to its description. Walking into the restaurant feels as if you have entered a local Nepali restaurant.

The restaurant is decorated with traditional Nepali things even the ceiling is decorated like the snowy Himalayas and there is always a piece of Nepali music being played in the background.

A photo of the Jhol momos taken at Calgary Momo House. (Photo by Paritosh Hirulkar/The Press)

Pooja Ale Magar, the Calgary Momo House owner, started this hard but wonderful journey with her husband Prakash Magar during COVID times from their house in the year 2020.

“My husband got laid off (from) work and my baby was just 6 months old when we started selling momos online,” said Ale Magar.

Once they started selling momos at the marketplace they received an overwhelming amount of love.

A picture of Fried Veggie momos and steamed chicken taken at Calgary Momo House. (Photo by Paritosh Hirulkar/The Press)

“We couldn’t keep up with the order,” said Ale Magar

When Magar was laid off from work things became harder for them and this made them take a decision they will cherish forever. They decided to work on their passion and open a restaurant called Calgary Momo House in the year 2021.

After the restaurant’s inauguration, they were showered with immense love because of them being one of the only authentic Nepali restaurants in the city.

Even though Calgary Momo House was a place of attraction because of being one of the few Nepali restaurants in Calgary a lot of people considered this to be an Indian restaurant.

“Lots of our customers are Indian and they didn’t know about the difference between Nepali momo and Indian momo,” said Ale Magar

The restaurant uses authentic Nepali spices, if they are not able to find these spices in Calgary, they would prepare the spices at home to give it an authentic Nepali taste.

“We are trying to make it similar by using the authentic ingredients,” said Magar

Pooja Ale Magar posing for a photo at Calgary Momo House. (Photo by Paritosh Hirulkar/The Press)

Calgary Momo House is in the safe hands of an experienced chef Magar himself who used to work as a chef in the U.S., London, Nepal and Canada as well.

“I have over 20 years of experience in culinary (industry),” said Magar.

When asked about the motivation behind opening an authentic Nepali restaurant, Magar who is a seasoned chef had just a small and beautiful thing to say, “It is just for the love of food.”

Calgary Momo House has been open since 2021 and because of this extraordinary cuisine and taste word of mouth really worked for them. Every momo enthusiast started talking about this restaurant.

Ridham Shah who has been a customer at the Calgary Momo house for the past 2 years discovered this place with his girlfriend Jahanvi Bhatt who found out about this from her friends.

After discovering the restaurant this has been their go-to place when they crave momos.

“I absolutely love tandoori momo there it is so crispy and tasty,” said Shah with enthusiasm and love for momos in his eyes.

Customers who have been at the restaurant only had some good things to say. Some were in awe of their taste while others were absolutely in love with the ambience and the service of the restaurant.

“We feel like we are back in the Himalayas and there are flags on the ceiling which looks nice,” said Bhatt.

It is safe to say that Calgary Momo House has been dominating the culinary market in Calgary since 2021 with its taste, ambience and the hospitality service it provides.