Discovering Victoria: A trip with friends

A travel story about a group of international students going on one of their best and a much-needed vacation.

Haiya(right) and her friends Ridham Shah(left) Jahanavi Bhatt (2nd from left) Saurabh Thorve and Sayali Thorve(2nd from right) posing for a photo at Calgary Airport

A lot of people work hard and earn money so that they can go on a beautiful vacation with friends and/or family. Victoria Island of British Columbia has to be one of those places, people work so hard for.

On Canada’s Vancouver Island, Victoria is a charming coastal city. It has a peaceful port, lush gardens, and a bustling centre with a variety of restaurants.

It is known for its lovely blend of British colonial architecture and natural beauty. Both locals and tourists looking for a laid-back West Coast lifestyle because of its marine history and warm temperature. Exactly what Haiya Sitlani and her friends went to experience.

Haiya Sitlani posing for a photo at beach in Victoria

Victoria has a lot of famous places that attract tourism. Places such as Buchert Garden, and Fishermen’s Warf are a few of these attractive places.

“The flowers at the Buchert garden were really pretty,” said Sitlani.

Fishermen’s Warf is one of the most attractive places in Victoria. In Sitlani’s words, it is one of the coolest places. It is famous for its seafood as the name suggests. It is such an amusing place as there are houses built literally floating on the water.

For people living in Alberta, Victoria is a wonderful transition from mountains to sea.

Haiya Sitlani posing for a photo outside fishermen in Victoria

In addition to all these, there is a place called Malahat Skywalk. It is a wonderful tourist attraction. Its height is as long as a football field. One has to do a 5- minute hike to the skywalk.

Once you reach the top of the skywalk it has a beautiful scenic attraction to it. On one side there are mountains and on the other side, there’s the sea.

The most amazing thing about the Malahat Skywalk is that you don’t have to walk down. You can slide your way down. It turns out this place is not only for people who look for scenic views or hikes but also for ride enthusiasts.

“We went all the way up to the Skywalk so that we can slide down again,” said Sitlani.

One of Sitlani’s friends Dhruvi Shah had an amazing experience on this vacation. For her, it was even more special because it was Shah’s first vacation in Canada.

“I have not been anywhere else but Calgary since I came here.” Said Shah. “This was a much-needed trip for me.”

Albertans or people from other parts of Canada who have not been to the wonderful Island of Victoria should definitely visit the place.

Vacations are an important part of life. There are a lot of experiences a person gains from it. We meet new people, bond with our people and is a lot of fun and that’s why every person should once in a while travel.