A difficult life of an international student

Dhruvi Shah made one of the most important decisions of her life almost one year ago — to migrate to Canada in pursuit of her dream of becoming a journalist.

More importantly, her goal was self-development.

However, one thing she has learned along the way is that life can be tough for students and even tougher for international students.

“I came here for self-development. It gives me a sense of achievement,” said Shah.

Dhruvi Shah posing for a photo at 11 pm with a hamburger bun at her home on 24th May 2023

One thing she had to learn really fast was how difficult it would be to balance her work life and college life. Being a full-time student and simultaneously working full-time is very difficult.

Students have to carry work clothes, along with worrying about assignments, they have to worry about work a.

“I lack motivation to work because after working and studying all day I end up using all my savings to pay a humongous $20,000 tuition fee,” said Shah.

Roommates and friends are a blessing in disguise for everyone, especially for international students. They make everyday life a little less stressful and a little more cheerful.

“My roommates support me a lot. Since we all are international students, we go through the same pain,” said Shah.

Shah, like many international students, works 2 jobs to maintain a lifestyle and is a full-time student at SAIT.

From waking up to tea and breakfast to rarely eating breakfast, from frequently watching TV to rarely watching is how life changes for an international student.

If there is anything that an international student is stressed about is the tuition fees. Sitlani and Shah would agree to this.

Other than this, so many things make an international student’s life difficult. Such as there are very less scholarship options, there isn’t any flexibility to work and most of all missing parents emotionally and also when it comes to doing household chores and food.

“Having parents would have kept me motivated and they would have also helped me do the household chores,” said Sitlani.

After sacrificing the fun life. When a person has to grow emotionally and financially independent, they just keep on thinking about one specific thing. “Would my life get better?”

This is exactly what every single international student goes through. Local and international students struggle, but the only difference is where the citizens’ struggle ends is where an international students’ struggle starts